Pitch with Motion

Unlock Doors & Boost Retention in B2B

Positioning videos as the first point of contact in your lead generation can unlock doors which would usually be difficult to access. Videos can increase your email CTR by 65%, and on average, 62% of millennials are more likely to watch a video than read text.  

Combining these benefits with an elevator pitch, gave MiPatient Ltd a head-start with their health-tech solution.

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The quest

MiPatient Ltd developed a web application to support US hospitals reduce risks of opioid addiction during treatment.

They recognised the advantages of videos and requested an explainer video to improve the retention and accessibility of their software solution.

MiPatient / Coplisio Status

The Challenge

The target audience is highly guarded and not particularly accessible. Like most for-profit companies, they focus on numbers, time, and reputation.

MiPatient, on the other hand, has a product which can help their target audience solve one of their current problems. However, as most start-ups, they face higher difficulties to starting conversations with their ideal clients.

Guarded Target Audience

The Solution

Positioning the animaton as the first access point leveraged the unique benefits of video over conventional pitching methods. The motion graphic not only explained the software, but also: 

  • Leveraged emotional responses to evoke greater interest.
  • Increased retention of the brand, product, and benefits.
  • Raised the likelyhood of further conversations.
MiPatient explainer concept.

The Results

The result is a scroll-stopping animation, great client feedback and additional delivery of:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Message
  • Brand Assets
Noise in Motion has surpassed all my expectations!
Thank you Mica!
Manjit Mooker | Director MiPatient Ltd
Quote: Mica’s creative mind has created a very powerful message throughout the entire video animation. From the beginning right through to the end, the animation tells the story with such clarity and precision.